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Journal Entry 3: Overwhelemed

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This week, I have fallen behind a little on completing my Brief 1 ePortfolio ready to be handed in on Sunday night. I have finished uploading all the information regarding ePortfolios and almost completed my Brief 2 proposal. I still need to complete writing and blogging information on the reflective process. Today with the help of one of my classmates, I have figured out how to upload a video from youtube, not just a link but it shows a preview image!!!! I am also feeling more confidence on what I have to do for Brief 2 from week to week and how I will include different profiles (images, video writing). I am most concerned about is doing everything I need to do before the due date because the next couple of days for me are my busy days for the week. I may only have a couple of hours on Saturday afternoon, to get everything done and with my knowledge of how I work, I will need a lot more than a couple of hours. šŸ˜¦


Journal Entry 2: WordPress

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Throughout the week, I have gained a better understanding of how WordPress works. Through discussions with my peers, the teacher and my own perseverance, I have been able to figure out how to link websites to certain words, upload photos or videos, separate blogs into categories. Now that i have this knowledge i feel slightly more confident creating this blog about ePortfolios and what they are.

Journal Entry 1: Introduction into WordPress

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The past couple of weeks have been very enlightening. The iReflect assessments are similar to blogs and are collated into an ePortfolio using the website WordPress. I have a basic level of understanding when it comes to computers and web based ‘blogs’ but this class has opened my eyes to the possibilities the advancements in technologiesĀ  have had on these websites. At the beginning it is all very over-whelming like you have been thrown into a shark tank without any knowledge how to swim and now you are trying to survive (ok so a bit of an exaggeration, but you get the picture). I can imagine by the end of this semester and class I will have mastered WordPress but for now it is a very daunting task.

I have picked the layout or ‘theme’ which i think will look absolutely fabulous once my blog is thriving with multiple entries but for now it is plain and boring.