How will I use Reflective Practice and Writing?

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Throughout brief 2, my aim is to use journal and academic blog writing techniques to reflect upon my work completed. This will be a mixture of written responses and verbal discussions with a peer, teacher or friend. I hope to write a personal journal explaining things I have learnt throughout the process focusing on the topic I have chosen and my progress understanding how to use the format ‘WordPress’.


One thought on “How will I use Reflective Practice and Writing?

    Jenette Watchorn said:
    April 18, 2014 at 11:35 am

    Wow, Victoria – your Brief 2 sounds like quite an undertaking. I’ll be particularly interested to see your final outcome as to the influence and infiltration of ASL on and into NZSL 🙂

    Hey, what happened to the gorgeous blog design I saw on your screen in lab? It had lots of coloured circles and a great montage etc – all seemed to suit your sign language theme really well? Have I come in on a different blog here?

    One more thing, when I wanted to comment here, there was no option to do so. On looking further, I realise (Ithink this is right) that I am reading your posts all on a Page. So, I have to click on the date to access the actual post in order to comment. I find this irksome and would much rather be able to comment via one click of a button than having to scroll up again and click the date and then scroll down again for the respond button. Maybe it’s just me, but this might be something for you to think about – how easy is it for followers to use and dialogue on your blog?

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